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At the present moment, VOTES is based on Russia’s largest online voting service More than 10 mln people have become the users of the service during the whole time of its existence. Among the system’s clients there are such large companies as Samsung, Bosch, Adidas and tens of thousands of other companies.

Team Connections

Aleksey Zuzin, is Owner, CEO at Русстрой.ру /

Aleksandr Khasanov

- CEO -

Graduated from CMC MSU, mathematician, systems programmer. For more than 15 years he has been engaged in launching, development, and investing into Internet projects including website builders, dating services, browser games, blogging platforms, online media, and other projects. Today he is the CEO of Russia’s largest voting service

Aleksey Zuzin

- CVO -

Graduated from CMC MSU, mathematician, systems programmer. Since 2000, he has been developing his skills in the field of Internet marketing. He has worked in such companies as Building Media, Red Media as the head of Internet departments. He was the founder and the head of a number of Internet projects including theme-based and city Internet portals, online media, and mass-use services.

Ivan Yundev

- CMO -

He specializes in development of international Internet services and platforms. His key competences are: marketing and advertising on the net. In the team, he performs the role of strategic management of the marketing policy. Ivan’s working experience includes both management of the full-cycle digital agency NIOTEK and development of large portals and services.

Aleksey Povetkin

- CTO -

Graduated from CMC MSU, mathematician, systems programmer. Since 2002, he has worked in the field of automation and management of large volumes of data on the base of ERP systems. Aleksey’s competencies include both management of large automation projects within the Intacs company and working with BIGDATA and distributed databases on the base of Blockchain technologies.


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VOTES is an international platform for taking votes of any level. It uses Blockchain technologies and smart contracts providing transparency and honesty of polls, votings, elections, testings, and other activities on the base of the platform.

Historical background

The need for honest and open expression of the will of citizens has always existed in the world. Corporations conducted special sociological researches with controversial results to influence the sales of their products. Votings at shareholders’ meetings were falsified to guarantee election of certain people to the board. Political parties forged election results for their candidates to hold public offices. The main problem resided in centralized recording and storage of information about the votes. This problem is solved by the Blockchain technology thanks to the decentralized infrastructure.

For today, experiments have already been undertaken for taking votes on the base of Blockchain. The results have met the expectations, but it turned out to be a difficult task for the organizers of those initiatives to prepare a technical platform of their own. We are creating the VOTES platform to minimize the preparation for taking votes

The mission of VOTES

It is apparent that the next stage of the development of voting models in the world will be the appearing of a universal platform making it possible to provide for any levels of votings quickly and handily with the use of the Blockchain technology. At the present moment, VOTES is based on the project. More than 10 mln people have become the users of the service during the whole time of its existence. Among the system’s clients there are such large companies as Gazprombank, Megafon, Adidas, Medsi, Group, and tens of thousands of other companies. VOTES will become a platform allowing for organization of transparent and honest votings from school exams to presidential elections. VOTES is intended to take the world community to a new level of democracy.

The current condition of the project

At the present moment, VOTES is based on the project. More than 10 mln people have become the users of the service during the whole time of its existence. Among the system’s clients there are such large companies as Gazprombank, Megafon, Adidas, Medsi, Group, and tens of thousands of other companies.

The operating principle of the VOTES token

For the purposes of organization of taking polls and votes, the platform is going to issue 100 mln VOTES tokens within the framework of ICO and pre-ICO. They will be secured with the possibility of taking votes on the base of the platform. The scheme is suitable for taking public opinion polls and other activities where the main motivation for the respondents is the expression of their civic position. When votings are organized according to this scheme, the budget is calculated by the platform based on the number of respondents and does not include any remuneration for the respondents. In this case, the poll initiator uses tokens only to pay the service fee, which is defined based on his requirements to the service’s functionality. Possible variants of voting organization Monetization of the platform is performed at the cost of the service's commission fee for taking

Terms and provisions

This document is intended solely for information purposes and is not an offer or invitation to sell or buy tokens. VOTES tokens do not grant the right of control. Possession of VOTES tokens does not grant their holder the right of ownership or the right to property in VOTES. While the opinion and feedback from the community may be taken into consideration, VOTES tokens do not grant any right to participation in decision making or any direction of development of the business associated with the VOTES platform. VOTES tokens may be used for organization of votings based on the VOTES platform.

No guarantees of acquisition of incomes or profits

All the examples of income and profit calculations used in this document were provided only for demonstration purposes or in order to demonstrate the industry averages and do not represent a warranty that these results will be achieved according to the marketing plan.

Normative uncertainty

The technologies associated with blockchain are subjected to supervision and control from various regulatory authorities all over the world. VOTES tokens may fall for one or more inquiries or actions from their part, including, but not limited to, posing a restriction on the usage or possession of digital tokens, such as VOTES, which may decelerate or limit the functionality, or repurchase of tokens by VOTES in the future

VOTES tokens are not an investment

VOTES tokens are not an official, or legally binding, investment of any kind. The goals listed in this document may be changed by reason of unforeseen circumstances. Although we intend to achieve all the points described in the present document, all the parsons and parties participating in buying VOTES tokens do it at their own risk.

Quantum computers

Technical innovations, such as the development of quantum computers, may be potentially dangerous for cryptocurrencies including VOTES tokens.

Insufficient implementation

Although VOTES tokens should not be considered as an investment, they may become valuable in the course of time. Their value may also drop if the VOTES platform experiences a shortage in their usage and application

Risk of financial loss

The funds collected in the process of ICO are not insured. In case of their loss or depreciation, there is no private or public insurance representative who the buyer could apply to

Risk of failure

It is quite possible that for various reasons, including, but not limited to, inadequacy of the business agreements or marketing strategies, the VOTES platform and all the subsequent marketing actions in regard to the funds collected in the ICO may fail to achieve success


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties in relation to the subject matter of the present Agreement. All the previous agreements, discussions, presentations, warranties, and conditions are integrated in this document. There are no warranties, presentations, conditions, or agreements between the parties, either express or implied ones, except for those clearly specified in this Agreement.

The present Agreement may be amended only by means of a written document duly executed by the parties.

Risk of using new technologies

Crypto-tokens, such as VOTES, are a fairly new and relatively untested technology. In addition to the risks mentioned in this document, there are additional risks, which cannot be foreseen by the team of the VOTES platform. These risks can manifest themselves in other forms of risks than the ones listed here

Disclaimer of warranties

You agree that your use, or loss of use, of VOTES tokens is performed solely at your own risk, and you shall absolve the VOTES platform from any responsibility. Since the moment of their issuing, VOTES tokens will be sent to you without any warranties, either express or implied ones, including the disclaimer of any warranties for all the implied warranties of commercial value for a particular purpose, name, without infringement of anybody’s intellectual property rights, as the disclaimer of implied warranties may not be allowed in some jurisdictions, the aforesaid exemptions of implied warranties may not apply to you