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VISTA is a Global Assets Digital Discrete Investment and Trading Solution based on blockchain technology. Our innovative investment service based on blockchain offers a golden opportunity for investors in financial activities ever. We believe the traditional financial infrastructure is fading and the globe is ready to embrace the new financial age.

Jacky Hsieh

Founder, CEO

Jacky leads VISTA Fintech services blockchain practice. He has spent the past 10 years in online payment consulting and focusing on blockchain for years.

Michael Treat

Partner, CFO

Michael is responsible for developing VISTA growth agenda in different aspects. His past experience in different Fortune 500 firms is a precious to VISTA.



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BlockChain makes use of decentralization concept to achieve a collective maintenance of the reliability of a data program. The scheme allows any number of nodes participating in the system to pass through a series of data blocks generated by using cryptographic methods. Each data contains data for all information exchange of the system for a certain period of time and generates data fingerprints for verifying the validity of its information and link to the next database block.

VISTA chain hope to fully utilize the BlockChain technology in financial investment. Unlike the traditional financial framework, this innovative technology will provide a low-cost and reliable platform for everyone to easily participate in financial activities.

We strive to promote the financial digital identities and the fragmentation of financial institutions.

Corresponding to the real assets of the digital credit and the right, the daily financial transactions are entirely based on digital identity as authorization process which do not need to deal with specific business entities; and based on the fairness of BlockChain technology, the transaction between entities does not involve any intermediaries. Specific financial services can be completed through digital contracts based on BlockChain, and ultimately the digital assets and physical assets of the real world shall obtain the same level of recognition.

1. The era of BlockChain technology

Since the arrival of Bitcoin in 2008, the BlockChain technology began to gradually enter the public eye. The Internet had once changed people's lives, the BlockChain technology will dramatically changing the Internet and us.

BlockChain technology use block-chain data structure to verify and store data. Distributed computer node consensus algorithm is applied to generate and update data. The use of cryptography ensures data transmission and access security. An intelligent contract consists of automated script code programming and data manipulation. It forms a new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm. BlockChain is a very complex distributed computing methodology which can keep records on thousands or even millions of stand-alone computers that work together without a single entity to control them with data and proceduresIn the field of financial applications, we will use BlockChain technology to redefine assets, currencies, investments and transactions, etc. By then, the problem within exchange of funds, contracts and digital assets on the Internet exchange, trading and transfer will be solved. A highly reliable decentralized mechanism will serve individuals and financial institutions for transfer and exchange through the internet.

2. The trend and prospects of global asset digitization

BlockChain technology not only created the concept of digital assets, but also created a global digital asset market myth, as of May 2017 the latest data show that the global digital asset market has reached 75 billion US dollars, 24-hour trading volume is more than $ 3.4 billion. The market value increased by nearly 50 times in the past 5 years. Estimation of current active investment population is more than 10 million.

With the physical assets or financial assets as a solid backing, and the characteristics of the BlockChain technology, digital financial assets have a global credit consensus, ultra-high-speed liquidity and more fair pricing mechanism. Decentralization mechanism and intelligent contract approach, ensures the protection of asset rights under the legal framework. The global digital asset market is expected to exceed $1 trillion in the next five years. Visible digital asset market will become the future of the global financial industry battleground.

3. Current problems faced by global asset investors

The rapid growth of global wealth is mainly concentrated in the value of highquality assets, especially real estate and large assets. The Savills plc. World Research Department's "2016 Global Trends in Real Estate Transactions" estimates that global development real estate is nearly reaching $217 trillion, roughly equivalent to 2.7 times the global GDP. This is the most important way of the storage of National, business and personal wealth. Global real estate accounted for about 60% of the total value of mainstream assets, even as gold is to not able to compare. Real estate is very sensitive to the global monetary environment and investment activities, but also the most influential domestic and international economic investment instruments. In the past recent years, property prices are gradually promoted due to the quantitative easing policies and low interest rates.

The value of the world's real estate is unevenly distribution globally. Western developed countries had occupied an absolute proportion, while the developing countries had the relatively small portion. In Western-dominated commercial properties, North America accounts for half of the world's commercial property, Europe accounts for one quarter, Asia and Australia 22%, while South America, the Middle East and Africa only 5%. Nevertheless, the investing commercial property market in developing countries has a huge growth and development potential, and its market will not necessarily copy the development path of the West and some Asian countries, but no matter how the future development model, Asia, Africa, Middle East and other places of the new commercial property market will give birth to a giant market.

In 2017, the market trend around the world is highly affected by global factors, such as the global loose monetary policy, low inflation environment, low interest rates and the impact of quantitative easing. Asset prices seem to become a common phenomenon in various markets, especially in the core high-end market. Forbes wealth on the list of assets of more than 60% of such highquality investment assets which are difficult for the ordinary people to get involved.

Global high-quality assets related to real estate, large-scale leasing assets (such as aircraft), luxury works of art. These are all worth at least 10 million starting price, usually the investment threshold of 50 million US dollars or more. Such high net worth of assets with high value have high growth characteristics, and always have high priority in the most investment list of the rich. The high investment threshold become an large obstacle which are not very friendly with ordinary people. Therefore, ordinary people can merely make any profit from the global economic development dividends. This is also the Matthew effect, the poor is poorer while the rich is richer.

In the existing financial framework, some people began to work together to invest in the global high-quality assets. However, a multi-party investment must take a coherent action input and exit mechanism which is always intervened by personal conflict of interest. Poor consistency is leading to a significant reduction in the flexibility and strategic flexibility of individual investors.

Another problem of asset liquidity exists in both the trust and the cost of potential transactions, especially in cross-regional trading scenarios. In the current practice, professional legal and financial teams need to conduct very indepth towards the asset context to ensure that the final transaction can be recognized. The cost of this transaction trust will be huge and recurring.

4. VISTA Chain design concept

We will do our best to use the Internet technology and BlockChain technology to reconstruct the global portfolio of high quality assets and transactions. We are committed to provide every person in the world great opportunity on the investment and transactions that meet their flexible needs, and having the same paste with the global economy growth.

VISTA chain will provide an opportunity for these high-quality global physical assets or financial assets of institutions to issue high-quality digital assets which will lead the global high-quality physical assets into the digital asset market.

ASSET TRUST SYSTEM Rebuilding the Global Digital Asset Trust System by Using Technological innovation, VISTA chain will act as the carrier of these digital assets. The application of decentralized mechanisms and intelligent contracts will generate a high trust environment between offline and online in the polymerization. The credit value of the VISTA chain will be positively revealed along the growth of it’s assets.

PEER-TO-PEER TRADING PLATFORM VISTA chain provide a global investment platform of digital assets for everyone of each investor globally. Investors can easily use all kinds of digital currency for reciprocal, fair, fast, safe and protected transactions.

As the carrier of the global high-quality assets of digital assets, the core of the VISTA chain depends on the establishment of the operating system. Other than fulfilling the global legal jurisdiction of different jurisdictions, the development process in the VISTA chain also provide a more stable development environment.

VISTA Chain has six-tier technology architecture, starting from the lowest level are : data structure layer, communication layer, middle layer, business logic layer, intelligent contract layer and application layer. As shown below:

TECHNOLOGY BlockChain technology is a revolutionary technology which will affect us in dailylife in the future. It can enhance the way how assets are distributed and transferred.

5. digitizing the global high-quality assets

VISTA Team is not just technology providers, we are here to share our knowledge regarding the advantages of Blockchain technology. We hope global investors can benefit from this innovative technology to choose the global highquality high-growth potential assets.

It is no longer just a simple asset transfer tool, but also the asset operators and investors interactive window. All new asset issuance announcements, asset dividend information disclosure, important issue announcements, equity-type assets, and results announcements will be announced thru the VISTA chain platform.

In the case of legal safeguards, we will take a full real name registration in accordance with the KYC requirements of the investor and the jurisdiction in which the assets are located; full compliance to the AML Anti-Money Laundering Act and other complete legal chain; to comply with the judicial requirements for electronic signatures.

6. Discrete investment and trade

All of the digital assets carried on the VISTA chain will be evenly cut by BlockChain technology. Every share has a characteristic of low investment threshold for each smart investment contract. All of the segmented smart investment contracts are stored and verified at the VISTA chain to ensure that the total amount and content are not tampered with.

Each investor in the VISTA chain is able to subscribe the minimum unit of quality assets for a smart investment contract. We strive to cut high-quality assets into a lower threshold of the certain number of intelligent investment contracts. Based on the independent operational capacity of intelligent investment contracts, each investor does not need concerted action to co-invest and withdraw, and has a flexible investment cycle management.

Each of the intelligent investment contracts have independent operational capacity, investors can buy or sell one or more intelligent investment contracts any time as they wish. Transaction can happens between the asset manager and the investor, or between the investor and the investor. All transactions are automatically completed by the VISTA chain intelligent investment contract program. The platform also provide price matching service. A discrete trading model that does not require asset co-investor intervention and concerted action can meet the flexible operating patterns of different investors' expectations for the use of funds and different yields.

7. the global digital asset operating and business model

Once the VISTA chain has been built and the legal framework has been set up, the operations team and the technical team will begin to operate the digital asset discrete investment and trading platform with significant financial innovation significance and value.

An operating team with extensive global investment experience will be keenly looking for high-quality assets with great potential for appreciation or institutions with high-quality assets in a global marketplace and conduct professional due diligence, which may be real estate, large leased assets (eg aircraft) , expensive works of art and so on. High-quality assets, upon completion of the economic and legal review, will be digitally packaged, segmented and publicized by the technical team to ensure that the absolute legal title of the asset, the number of segments of the smart contract is trusted throughout the VISTA chain Tampered with.

In the VISTA chain platform, Independent investors are able to find the latest publicity investment assets. Investors select the appropriate number of intelligent investment contracts to invest according to their own investment capacity. Upon completion of the payment, the smart investment contract will be delivered in the VISTA chain computer default program automatically. Within the holding time of every asset, revenue generated (such as rental) after deducting management fees, will be allocated to the proportion of intelligent investment contracts to investors. All the asset management work will be taken care by the VISTA team or cooperative financial partners, investors do not need to bear the management of investment and other heavy responsibility.

Every investors can transfer their ownership (both way) of an intelligent investment contracts to other investors at any time.

Our mission is seeking the most profitable investment opportunity for our investors. We will make good use of the DAC (Distributed Autonomous System) model to pursue a mutually benefit outcome.

Asset Investment Management Committee
One of the core values of the VISTA chain is to protect the interests of investors, that is, to provide investors with high-quality digital assets. AICC is the professional team for global quality asset screening and assessment. Team members are experienced in global investment management to ensure that the future of VISTA chain will carry the high quality of digital assets. AICC will post those most valuable assets the platform of VISTA chain.

Investors voted
High-quality assets selected by AICC will be posted on the VISTA chain in details. The asset has been pre-digitized and prepared for smart investment contracts. Each of the eligible investors on the platform can vote by pre-soliciting an investment agreement. When all smart investment contracts are supported by pre-subscription voting, the operations team will actually have to operate on the physical assets, gain ownership of them, and truly digitize and distribute the smart investment contracts to all subscribers through computer defaults account.

All smart investment contracts subscription and trading will be charged a certain percentage as service fee.

All assets in VISTA chain management, if there were any self- generated revenue (such as rental), we will charge 10% of such revenue as asset management service fee at least.

A special service charge will be applied toward every special request. The fee may vary upon the needs.

8. About our global team
VISTA Chain project team has strong international operation experience. Members are international electronic payment expert, settlement industry experts, BlockChain industry experts, financial industry elite and financial legal experts.The team is made of some of the financial brightest technology, business and legal minds.

CEO & Founder- Jacky Hsieh
Jacky leads VISTA Fintech services blockchain practice. He has spent the past 10 years in online payment consulting and focusing on blockchain for years

CFO & Partner - Michael Treat
Michael is responsible for developing VISTA growth agenda in different aspects. His past experience in different Fortune 500 firms is a precious to VISTA

9. The use and management of VISTA Token

In order to development VISTA chain platform, we will issue a special VISTA tokens. This token has a constant total of 50 million tokens.

The role of the VISTA tokens throughout the project is to support continuous development and operation needs. Furthermore, all the fees mentioned in Section 7.1 shall be fulfilled by this token. The remuneration of all employees (other than the social welfare, insurance and other expenses paid by the government of the workplace) will be paid by VISTA. Token.

VISTA tokens are generated by the system and are managed by VISTA ECC (VISTA Management Committee). All tokens are arranged as follows:

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