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Organized for the construction industry, based on a real land asset.
Stable, innovative and reliable blockchain product.

Team Connections

Olga Serbinenko, is Financial director at LLP Kvazar

Maxim Dvedenidov


He is experienced in implementation of projects of suburban real estate. He has more than 3,000 of implemented land plots in Russian Federation, several successful development projects in the Czech Republic and a resort apartments project in Thailand.

Olga Serbinenko


Financial and business analyst. Master's degree in Economics in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russia; BBA in Moscow Technological Institute, Russia; BA in Real Estate, Finance and Revenue Management in Glion Institute, Switzerland. She participated in two successful startups as a financial director. She is experienced in property management and commerce.

Dmitry Nagornykh


IT specialist. Master's degree in Information Technologies and Computational Systems in Novosibirsk State University. Now he works on PhD in Informatics Systems and as Senior Teacher in Novosibirsk State University, General Informatics Department. He is a professional in artificial intelligence, neural nets, computational systems and blockchain technologies. He participated in several successful projects connected with distributed computational systems for SEO and hybrid neural nets.





White Papper


Social Media Ststistics.

In Crypto, community matters




Joined June 2017






Sosnovklno Is a land development project that gives the opportunity for everyone to feel the abnormal profits of the industry. The company owns a land area of 194 hectares with an estimated value of $3,000,000. IThe main aim of the project is to create an infrastructure, which includes central sewage system, gas pipelines, electric system, water pipelines and roads, and to sell it at price 6 times more than Initial value. Sosnovklno Foundation owns 70% of the share capital of Sosnovkino LLC, registered in Russia, the owner of the land.


Investments are secured by the and asset - infrastructure will be built in 1 year - Sales will be finished in 4 years - Selling puce increasing with every land plot sold - Profit will be made even after the sales period through infrastructure services that Sosnovkino Foundation is providing - Opportunity to take part in company's management through Blockchain vote technology I Sosnovkino Foundation 00 is going to attract $2,700,000 to implement the project. ICO is going to take 4 weeks starting from July 26, 2017. As Russian Federation legislation does not allow cryptocurrency circulation on its territory, Sosnovkino Foundation is registered In the Cayman Islands. During the period of dividends distribution 70% of profit will be transferred to Sosnovkino Foundation and paid to the token holders.


Skixixxii is cluieToken released by Sosnovkino Foundation. 270,000 tokens will be issued with the basic price of $10.6.xisisms not only guarantee a share of Sosnovkino pricks but also a share of the land asset. Tokens can be sold orexchanged on the modcetos sec". 'Investing In S.... will save your money despite cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuations. S..... is a smart contract, built using Ethereum platform and Solidity programming language.

Smart contract terms and conditions:
- Investor anonymousness - Investments secured by the land asset - Dividends distribution - Blockchain vote for important managerial decisions $.ixrtnix also implements EIP20 standard, also known as Standardized Contract API. EIP20 compatibility ensures that integration with exchanges and other services will be no harder than for any other Ethereum-based token.


3. Blockchain vote
Every year In December there will be a general meeting by the token holders with the aid of blockchaln technology. Decisions are made by majority of votes participating in the voting. The vote is considered successful only with 50% quorum. 1 token is equal to 1 vote. The total amount of votes is 390,030: 270,000 belong to investors and 120,000 belong to The Sosnovkinoteam. Date, time and questions for vote are published in advance (not later than 14 days before the date of vote) on the website of Sosnovklno and sent by the e-mail address if specified during the registration. There will be questionswith onlytwo answers "Yes" or "No".

During the year, a Sosnovkino manager receives letters from the token holders with their suggestions and on this basis makes questions for voting In December.During the blockchain vote the questions are raised in order to improve the project but not to infringe the interests of investors. An extraordinary vote is appointed by the moderator or if the moderator receives a blockchain requestfrom at least 25% of the total number of tokens.

4. Financial model

Sosnovkino Foundation specialists have developed the financial model of the project. According to the current situation on the land market and projections on its fluctuation, Sosnovklno Is going to sell all the land plots in 3 years with sales starting in November, 2017. The selling price of the plots Is going to vary along with infrastructure readiness and plots left.

The profitability of Sosnovkino project for 3.5 years is projected at a level of 441%, which is 150 times more than risk-free rate. Sosnovkino is a great investment opportunity for every investor due to NPV of 645 million, discounted at rate required by Russian investors with higher inquiries than international ones. IAs Sosnovkino Foundation distributes 70% of its share, investors' profitability is expected to be more than 300%.

5. Dividends distribution

Dividends distribution is a standard problem for any company using ICO. IT specialists In Sosnovkino Foundation developed a dividends distribution system on the basis of Ethereum that gives an opportunity for everyone to make a sufficient profit. Sosnovkino founders and management team leave 30% of the profit. Therefore, Investors will share 70% of the company through tokens distribution. Dividends will be distributed ones In quarter starting from October, 2018.

the mechanism of dividends distribution In SosnovkIno Includes the following steps:
- 1st week offer the quarter finished (in January, April, July and October). Profit accounting. Transfer of the profit to the Colman islands. - 2nd week. Purchase and transfer of cryptocurrency to a special wallet allocated for dividends. - During each period of dividend payment the register of token holders is checked. This can be done with a snapshot of the blockchaln. Token holders will receive dividends at the current exchange rate on their personal wallets. Dividends distribution will be announced on the website and via Ethereum system to token holders.