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Corion’s promise is undeniable, and this forward-facing cryptocurrency’s success could prove a victory for the entire crypto world

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Miklós Denkler, is Founder & CEO at Smartupper - Waterman&Partners LTD and Attila Dancs, is Founder Strategic at Smartupper - Waterman&Partners LTD

Miklós Denkler

FinTech & sales expert

Attila Dancs

Blockchain business expert

Andor "iFA" Rajci

CORION Core developer

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Conceptually, digital currencies and blockchain technology are groundbreaking - but they are still in their early stages of adoption. As cryptocurrencies gain widespread acceptance, they will create enormous potential for new projects and growth in the fintech space, making them extremely appealing for start-ups and investors alike. Still, the cryptocurrency market is not fully realized - and the complexity of trading (combined with security concerns and difficulties with identity verification) can be a burden for many potential users. The future success of cryptocurrencies relies on their widespread use. Mainstream adoption, in turn, pivots on the provision of a secure, integrated P2P exchange, which allows novice users to safely trade and exchange their digital assets.

There is a strong and growing demand for a well-structured, easy-to-use, secure cryptocurrency technology which supports non-technical users, supplying them with the information, techniques, and skills required to enable them to participate in the cryptocurrency space.

CORION is a fintech organization based in Zug, Switzerland, which has launched a platform designed to fulfill this demand. This full-service, multifunctional blockchain platform was developed on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, and consists of several separate smart contracts, implemented using the Solidity programming language. CORION is powered by a one-of-a-kind, stable-rate digital currency, which can be stored, used, and traded through integrated wallet and exchange services. CORION allows even the most inexperienced users the ability to leverage their own assets - for example by enabling them to trade and to benefit from emission of CORION coins.

CORION Platform aims to build a decentralized global network, based on mutual benefits for users. Simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed, a stable means of payment and exchange are our priorities. In order to meet these goals, the CORION cryptocurrency platform was structured from the ground up to offer a secure wallet, integrated exchange, and specialized CORION token/coins, designed with built-in rate stability. Engineered for anyone interested in entering the crypto world, CORION allows even the most novice users the ability to leverage and enjoy the benefits of this new technology - even enabling them to, and launch their own successful business or services.

The CORION Platform is truly revolutionary. In this whitepaper, we’ll cover the Essentials of the system - describing both the architecture of the platform, and examining its first-use cases. We’ll also take a look at the Roadmap for future evolution of the platform, introduce proposed aspects and features, and examine the potential macroeconomic benefits offered by this groundbreaking technology.


To achieve Satoshi’s original vision, Bitcoin requires a critical mass of users - yet, despite the significant traction gained by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is apparent that there still is a high level of complexity which makes it difficult for users and businesses to easily explore and integrate the use of crypto technology. The general sentiment is that Bitcoin and other altcoins are insecure, and prone to risk - making their use and acceptance as a method of payment in day-to-day life unattractive.

Though several new blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies have emerged over the past few years, none have yet achieved the breakthrough success required for mainstream adoption -primarily due to negative publicity, bubble speculations, scams, and complicated user-interfaces. Hacking, and other cyberattacks on crypto exchanges, have contributed to the overall uncertainty which accompanies this new technology.

In many cases, merchants and Service Providers refuse to accept cryptocurrency payments because of the unpredictable exposure to risk posed by exchange losses, price volatility, and regulatory issues. This unpredictability, combined with a lack of management, marketing, and financial skills, prevents developers and community members from scaling many desirable features or services to a global stage.

While crypto certainly has the potential to rise as a global payment method, it remains the victim of speculation. The volatility triggered by traders seeking to make a fast dollar, places it beyond the reach of most mainstream users, who require that their currency hold the same value tomorrow as it does today. A stable cryptocurrency would enable both everyday users and merchants to benefit from all the advantages of blockchain technology, while reducing the risk of loss caused by unexpected fluctuations in value.

In real life, people interact with others by buying and selling the goods that they need. Searching and shopping for products are common daily activities for most users. CORION Platform offers an integrated marketplace where community members, businesses, and users can connect. Service providers and businesses can promote and extend their product and service offerings, while users can easily search for, find, and purchase products which meet their daily needs.


CORION aims to solve some of the biggest problems in the world of cryptocurrencies – including price volatility, fixed coin supply, and lack of realworld uses for digital currencies.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire hundreds of millions of users to join us, and build a self-supportive, decentralized ecosystem, which supports a better world. We stand for the fair distribution of goods and money, and our plan is simple - to improve the ways businesses and individuals connect, by leveraging smartphone technology to create an unparalleled, self-supporting global system.

We intend to grow CORION Platform as a unified market, without boundaries and restrictions. We believe that CORION Platform has the potential to become a true legacy system - the fundamental pillar of a new economic and financial era.


In order to gain widespread support and use, a payment asset needs to be stable and predictable. The CORION Platform was designed with this concept in mind - and the benefits of CORION exist to address the known challenges and problems of current cryptocurrencies, including price volatility, lack of coins in daily life, and fixed (versus demand-based) coin supply.

The financial asset of the platform is the CORION token=coin, and its stability ensures security to both service providers and users. It has built-in, automated inflation and deflation control mechanisms which ensure the price stability required to carry out real life transactions. Because of this, products and services can be widely distributed, without boundaries - and without the fear of risk or losses associated with the use of less stable cryptocurrencies.

The CORION coin is a demand-based asset - however, the distribution of released coins is metered, ensuring fair and even distribution throughout the community. Small business owners who participate within the CORION Platform gain streamlined access to tokens, currencies, coins, exchanges, payments, earnings on supply growth, and services; in short, everything they need to make cryptocurrencies useful and beneficial in their day-to-day transactions.

CORION’s team is determined to establish widespread use of the platform - and this means increasing asset stability to encourage frequent use. By standing clear of ‘pump and dump’ practices in our daily operation, we can instead focus our efforts on successful strategy - creating a platform which helps users generate long-term, passive income. We believe users worldwide are ready to commit themselves to this basic principle.


Built on Ethereum Classic, the CORION stable-price token eliminates the guesswork that accompanies fluctuating prices. Its algorithm enables unique, automated inflation-deflation control, which assures the stability of the CORION coin as a means of payment worldwide.

Why is that important? One reason is that it eliminates the need for constant monitoring of exchange rates, in order for token holders to know when and where to use cryptocurrency. This, in turn, increases the accessibility of CORION - by reducing the learning curve required of users.

In short, we believe CORION will appeal to a wide base of non-technical users - becoming an essential gateway to the crypto world. We aim to boost mainstream adoption through implementation of our easy-to-use, comprehensive interface - which incorporates an arsenal of useful features.

The CORION Platform provides:
● Stable price against the US dollar
● Demand-based coin release
● Fair distribution of released coins within the community
● Decentralized Platform for everyday use, based on blockchain and smart contracts

CORION’s system features automated price stabilization, which allows its price point to remain fixed to that of the USD. Demand-based coin release within the CORION community offers a helpful contrast to the challenges posed by the fixed coin supply and fluctuating rates of the current system’s cryptocurrencies.

The CORION ecosystem also hosts and provides a reliable platform for secure, convenient, and instantaneous financial transactions between members, promoting the establishment of a thriving community marketplace.

Overall, these benefits promise to provide unlimited opportunities for anyone involved in the cryptocurrency world, fostering and supporting mainstream adoption.

Target Users

Blockchain technology has been gaining increasing media coverage and public interest throughout the last year - and that growing awareness is full of promise for this new technology. The number of individuals using cryptocurrency has expanded rapidly - and the number of persons who might be considered potential crypto-users has drasticly increased.

Given projections for future growth of the blockchain space, CORION can expect to attract millions of new users interested in this cutting-edge development - especially those who currently lack the tools to participate. But what makes CORION so attractive?

It’s quite simple. Users of the CORION Platform will enjoy a wide range of benefits, designed to help them create profitable relationships and businesses. All members of the CORION network will be incentivized to grow the community - and simultaneously, the digital economy. Their day-to-day activity will be leveraged to regulate and drive the increase of the daily token supply.

Members of the community are also free to select or connect with providers who offer the highest percentage of daily coin release, or grant competitive bonuses and discounts - which means both Service Providers and Users stand to gain.


CORION is ready to go live after the ICO ends. All the developments have been completed from the team’s own financial resources, therefore the money raised is basically allocated for other purposes listed later on in this Whitepaper. Currently, honing the wallet is the final step to ensure the two-factor authentication, transaction history, and secured asset and private key storage with 256-bit AES encryption, as well as multiple currency account management.

By Q4 2017, further development of the wallet app for iOS and Android will be completed. Integration of at least one FIAT currency will be introduced to the Platform, and 5 more major cryptocurrencies added.

In 2018, CORION plans to introduce multi-signature verification, card and NFC payment methods, investment options, P2P lending, trading options, cloud mining, and gambling. Our current Roadmap is included below, for your convenience.

Who are we?

CORION was created by the CrypMo Foundation, a Switzerland-based organization. We’ve been performing research and developing our business plan since 2015.

We believe transparency is a good thing - and we’re happy to introduce our team members. Biographical details for all developers and contributors are listed on the main page of our website, We’ve also included links to their professional profiles.

Key members of the team include:
Miklós Denkler (fintech and sales expert and CORION pioneer)
Attila Dancs (blockchain business expert)
Andor Rajci (core developer)
Zsombor Deics (COO)
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICOs enable new blockchain startups to raise seed money by issuing crypto tokens that represent an underlying asset. One such case is the Ethereum blockchain ICO, which raised more than $15 million in 2014. ICOs are revolutionizing fundraising within the blockchain industry, in the same way that VCs played a major role in the rise of technology.

The CORION ICO caters to both businesses and users. Unlike other crypto ICOs, our wallet is functional, and ready for immediate use. CORION ICO participants can experience first-hand the potentials of the platform. Tokens will be deposited in their multifunctional CORION Wallets immediately.

Pre-ICO participants receive a 30% bonus, while the main ICO offers bonuses between 3% and 25%. Early investors will receive a 25% bonus the very first day, a 20% bonus during the first week, a 15% bonus the second week, and progressively lower bonuses throughout the campaign. Participants will also be incentivized by CORION’s “Thank You Reward” of 1-5%.

Funds raised through CORION ICO will applied to the cost of development, marketing, and future investments. The breakdown is as follows:


CORION is a cryptocurrency platform with ambitious goals - to promote the widespread use, availability, and accessibility of cryptocurrency, in order to promote a more stable and connected global economy. We hope you’ll stay tuned for the big changes ahead - and support us as we strive for greatness.


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CORION Technical Whitepaper The CORION Platform Developer Guide and Technical
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CORION Business Whitepaper to learn deeper the opportunities that one can benefit from the platform

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