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AIBanks connects investors with borrowers and assets owners via blockchain to make money smarter:
Get money - tokenize and sell assets or borrow at the best rates.
Invest safer with blockchain and faster with Artificial Intelligence.
We reduce banking costs to transactional fees paid to the platform in AIB tokens.

Team Connections

Danila Simonov, is Fullstack web developer at Залого / Zalogo and Oleg Belushkin, is CFO at UCLH.

Valentin Preobrazhensky


Founder and CEO of Home Loan Marketplace (MPLaaS) Zalogo since 2013 Founder of a back-office for hedge funds Covered financials at hedge funds Avega Capital and Marcuard Spectrum as the Director of research Worked in IHS CERA, VTB and Sberbank Director of Founder Institute, Moscow Master in Finance, NES. Studied global banking at Harvard and Stanford

Danila Simonov


CTO of MLaaS Zalogo Home Lending Marketplace Implemented React.js for Zalogo Head of development at ZhilKomfort Web developer at Insight Russia Back end developer at Mattino Winner of international web-development contest 1S Rarus B.S., Financial Analytics, Financial University (FUGR)

Oleg Belushkin


CFO of Access Industries (assets exceeded c.$10bn) CFO of TAM (UCLH holding with assets exceeded $2 bn) Auditor at Artur Andersen, audited large corporations in US ACCA member Harvard Business School graduate (GMP06)

Ayrana Mongush


Head of Marketing and AI Product Labs at Aitarget - leading Facebook Adds distributor Product Manager at Aitarget Cofounder at Phoenix Case School Business Analyst at Deloitte HIVE Global Leaders Program 8 at San Francisco BSc, Mathematics


Anish Mohammed

Security Architecture

David Drake

Investment Advisor

Ismail Malik

Blockchain R&D

Ransu Salovaara

ICO Advisor

Our blockchain ecosystem partners and advisors

Igor Matukhin

Ethereum community leader, Eastern Europe

Roman Romanovich

Сo-founder of IBCG, one of the largest Blockchain community in Eastern Europe

Vasily Kuznetsov

Сo-founder of IBCG, one of the largest Blockchain community in Eastern Europe

Alina Bezuglova

Co-founder at Rutech, London, Ex.Marketing Executive at MassChallenge



White Papper


Social Media Ststistics.

In Crypto, community matters




Joined February 2016





Executive Summary

Banks and regulators made the first steps in adopting crypto currencies to the banking system and quadrupled coins capitalization this year. Headlines like "Blockchain will do to the banking what the internet did to media" flooded the mainstream business agenda shapers such as Harvard Business Review, The Economists, McKinsey MGI. Ripple has beaten 13 billion capitalization after 40x growth in 3 month.

Distributed ledger has the power to decentralize banking and diminish cost of existing middlemen. Blockchain combined with Artificial Intelligence has the potential to completely automate antifraud and customer relations accounting for 80% of the banking operations. Thus, leading to the rise of fully automated, zero-cost banks.

AIBanks aims to facilitate the blockchain and crypto community in decentralizing commanding heights of the global economy - banking. Our mission is to make crypto coins as widely spread as fiat currencies, to enable emergence of fully automated banks and to set up smart contracts governing stable coins issuance in a more predictable and independent way than the central banks' boards elected by politicians.

We roll out the AIBanks platform on a lean step-by-step basis:
AIBanks is launching Phase I development - home lending marketplace for banks and investors based on our Mortgage Lending as a Service (MLaaS) platform Zalogo operating since 2013, which has processed more than 1000 loans. AIBanks Zalogo is set up to save up to 9 billion man-hours and $600 billion of loan costs per year because our blockchain fraud prevention technology and AI enables immediate underwriting and loans sale to the most suitable bank or investor. Therefore, banks and even chatbots will deliver loans at the best rate possible in seconds to borrowers and lenders.

Banks and investors will purchase AIB tokens (AIBs) to pay for transactions via our platform and generate growing demand for the AIBs.

After successful implementation of our home lending platform, we plan to launch Phase II development - other loans, deposits, payments and capital market platforms. These services will generate a sustainable demand for a stable crypto coin as a means of payment rather than an investment instrument. Therefore, allowing us to commence Phase III development – activating Stable Coin Smart Contract to stabilize the AIBs against a basket of fiat currencies (after targeted 10-x growth since ICO) and make the AIBs a convenient alternative to them.

Banks will offer accounts in BTC, ETH, WAV, XRP, LTE and AIB (etc.) to their multibillion-client base.

The AIBanks team has more than 50 years of experience in banking. Our partners and advisors have a deep local knowledge of mortgage markets and banking in the USA, the EU, India, Brazil and other emerging countries.

We are proud to cooperate with the leaders and pioneers of the crypto community, paving the road for the new edge technology to the banking system managing a $12 trillion monetary base, processing $199 trillion portfolio of loans and 120 trillion payments per year.